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About me (short)

Sebastian Bremicker
date of birth 03/09/1977
religious denomination: protestantic
graduation: university-entrance diploma (1996, NRW)
civilian service: 1996-1997 at Marienhospital Schwelm
career: 1997-2000 male nurse Training at Marienhospital Witten, state exam
2000- studying medical computer science at Fachhochschule Dortmund
jobs: 2000-2001 application supporter (call center agent) at Twenty4Help
2001- male nurse at Marienhospital Witten
2003- administrator at Neavis GmbH
driving license: German "Klasse III"
languages: German,
hobbies: band Foolmoon
supporting the "Figge-Network" at the student's dorm Neue Emil-Figge-Straße
Linux fields of interest: unified messaging (fax/e-mail/voice)
digital video broadcasting
using open standards and formats in everyday business
GnuPG Public Key: Fingerprint: 23EE 1CDB 0F4C D8CB B52C BC50 95C2 0CEE 4D81 6E04
ASCII file, binary file
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