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Taken by a Scotsman during their "Invasion" to Dortmund for the European championship qualification game with my camera
Meeting Scottish football fans, Sep 6, 2014

Hi, I’m Sebastian, a 30something guy from Dortmund, Germany. This blog is kind of a diary, as I’ve decided to have all stuff aggregated in one place instead of just spreading everything into social networks. If you’d like to connect on those with me, see below for some profile links or just contact me via e-mail at blog@sebrem.de if you like.

I usually will post in English, the respective category will indicate otherwise, depending on the focus of the post. I tend to adjust the date of publication regarding to the actual date the described events did happen to maintain chronological order.

Comments are subject to moderation. All photos are licensed CC BY-SA 4.0 (give credit, works created based on the content have to be under the same licence) unless mentioned otherwise.

For German readers, as this page is a private page I don’t have to put up an imprint (“Impressum”). But as this blog is hosted on my own server in Germany, I aquired a data protection policy (“Datenschutzerklärung“).

See “Recent posts” for the latest articles and the events page for upcoming and past events.


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  1. Cool beans! I’m half Scotch myself.